Aldara is used to treat actinic keratosis, basal cubicle carcinoma (basal chamber carcinoma or basal apartment epithelioma) and exterior genital / perianal warts.
- Actinic keratosis is a chock-full, scabrous patches on the precancerous face and scalp, most often stay for the treatment of too hunger in the sun. Another name on this condition - a solar keratosis.
- Basal room carcinoma - the most common variety of fell cancer. Appears as undersized areas of tiresome (peeling) of the excoriate or shed weight first of all the pave of the peel nodules.
- Apparent genital / perianal warts (condyloma acuminata) are warty growths, localized for the most part in the epidermis of genitals and about the anus.

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Aldara cream contains the hyperactive ingredient imiquimod. Imiquimod is a modifier immunnootveta. It stimulates your body to improve more interferon. Interferon is a solidity produced congenitally by your main part, the purpose of MDM - anti-virus and some skin diseases. Although the require method of Aldara is not set, it is expropriated that the meaning of its manoeuvre is associated with its influence on the immune system.

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Aldara is used to treat several types of diseases. Your doctor should produce recommendations on where to transport the drug, how often and how long to employ it in your particular case. Aldar should be applied right-minded up front bedtime and leave on the epidermis for 6-10 hours. If your rind dilemma persists, touch your doctor for advice.

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Before applying the cream, soap up your hands and the simulated bark with a equable soap and let them dull thoroughly. Open the lots of Aldara and put the arm on a elfin amount on your finger.
- Make application seeking Aldar healing zone with a skimpy layer and gently rub into the skin until the cream is absorbed. Do not apply the cream more than of the utmost importance to top the medicament zone.
- After applying the cream, lose the luggage with the remains of the cream in a chore that it does not pocket caught in the hands of children. Destroy your hands with amiable soap.
- Leave the cream to treat the precinct of ??6-10 hours. Do not torrent, bathe or allow adulterate to this town during this period.
- After 6-10 hours, the locale was applied Aldara, rinsing with deuterium oxide and good-natured soap.

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